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Are you looking for free Prime video accounts? Well, you have come to the right place, in this blog I will teach you how to use the best methods that exist so that you can have your free unpaid accounts and enjoy exclusive content.

I will tell you everything about how to have one Prime video account totally free and the best thing is that they are totally legal here and work from any device.

In addition to this, in this blog you will find aΒ Premium account listΒ of prime video unblocked and totally free, which are updated daily so that you do not have any problems when using them.

What is prime video streaming

There is a great similarity in terms of names when we talk about Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime video, although they seem the same, here I am going to show you the difference between Amazon Prime as an online store and Amazon Prime video as an audiovisual platform.

Subsequently, Prime video is a streaming platform in the same style as Netflix or HBO available for Amazon Prime members, who can enjoy with exclusive content of thousands of movies and series at no additional cost.

In addition, you also have the option of purchasing subscriptions to Amazon channels such as showtime, Startz, among others, all streaming entertainment through Prime video.

How prime video works

So that you can enjoy all the content that Amazon Prime Video offers us, you must know how it works, what it includes or what devices we can use it on. 

This is why I am going to tell you a little about its conditions of use, as such Prime video is a platform for personalized audiovisual content, which offers you movies, series, documentaries, and TV programs as digital content.

You have many ways to access content, including through Amazon Prime, but you must keep in mind that to use the platform you must be of legal age (18+), since the platform follows security regulations. 

In addition to this, you will also be able to personalize the content as you wish, which will include recommendations for new releases or content that is to your taste, new platform functions and services, all so that you enjoy each time better than the last.

Is Prime video and Amazon prime the same?

As you must have read somewhere, Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime video could be the same, but the truth is that no, they are two totally different platforms and below I am going to show you their differences.

I am going to start by telling you about Prime Video as an audiovisual streaming platform in which you will find a variety of content between series, documentaries and movies for the entire public such as children and adults, where you will also enjoy exclusive content from its allied platforms. and all these entertainment. 

home prime video

Subsequently, Amazon Prime is an online store where you will find a variety of services and advantages that this platform offers you. In addition to offering us 24 hours of free shipping, they also offer us discounts on shipping costs.

But this is not all, when you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, this platform gives you some promotions so that you can acquire an account on its Prime video audiovisual content platform. Likewise, Amazon Prime as an online store offers an annual event of exclusive sales for Prime users.

What are the Prime Video prices?

I am going to give you all the information regarding the prices of the two platforms that are Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime video.

As I mentioned before, Amazon Prime has an annual subscription of 153,625 Colombian pesos per year, which would be approximately 36 euros, or 21,294 Colombian pesos per month, which would be approximately 4.99 euros.

In addition, when you register, it will offer you a free month of trial. Not only this, its main benefit when you subscribe is that you will have 24 hours of totally free shipping on more than two million products.

Subsequently, Amazon Prime Video offers you a monthly subscription for 17,900 Colombian pesos, which would be approximately 4.20 euros. With this price you can enjoy its wonderful content and thus use your free time in the best way.

Updated prime video public accounts

Of course now I am going to provide you with all the information why you entered our page, as always there can be many options so you can enjoy spectacular content.

This is why one of the most used methods is that of public accounts. Since it is quite simple to use and you will only have to get the account in the list that I am going to leave you below.

After you have chosen the account from the list, you will enter, you will enter the username and password and after this you will be able to enjoy a completely free account without paying.

Amazon prime video free

Works:All the countries
Passwords:πŸ‘‰ View Accounts

Prime public video

Works:All the countries
Passwords:View Accounts πŸ‘ˆ

prime video accounts

Works:All the countries
Passwords:View Accounts πŸ‘€

Prime video free

Works:All the countries
Passwords:πŸ“² View Accounts

Prime Video User and Con

Works:All the countries
Passwords:πŸ” View Accounts

Free Prime Video Accounts

Works:All the countries
Passwords:View Accounts πŸ€–

You should keep in mind that all these public accounts are updated daily, so we recommend that you frequently check the validity or update date of these accounts.

Free PRIME VIDEO Account Generator

Free PRIME VIDEO Account Generator

How to link Amazon prime with Twitch

For lovers of their favorite streamings or YouTubers and who do not like to lose any of their live broadcasts; Amazon Prime offers them a monthly link at no cost to Twitch.

twitch amazon

How we can link or subscribe is very simple, while using your Amazon Prime account, you must enter, then you will click on connect a Twitch account and log in with your Twitch account.

Also, don't forget that when you link your Amazon account with Twitch, it will use your profile information, but Twitch will not display your information publicly. 

After linking your Amazon and Twitch accounts, you can enjoy many benefits that the platforms offer, such as using the chat for Prime members, among others.

How many people can watch prime video at once

Like any platform like Netflix or HBO Max, they also have their restrictions. Here I'm going to show you how it works.

This is why when simultaneously playing the content, so that you can receive a quality transmission; You can watch three titles at the same time using a single Prime video account. When we talk about titles I mean three different films or two films and a series, it all depends on what you like to watch.

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But you can also receive the transmission of the same movie or series on a maximum of two devices at the same time, that is, you can watch the same movie, series or documentary from a television and a phone at the same time at most.

first video series

Can prime video be used offline?

In this post I am going to show you how to use prime video offline. You simply have to download the application on your phone or laptop, log in with your account and search for the content you want. 

prime video offline

After this, if you chose a series, you will have two options, download the full season or episodes separately, or if you chose a movie, it will also be separately, as an important notice, you must remember that you only have 48 hours to watch the content downloaded from either device.

What you will have to do is the following:

  • Once you have chosen the content, you will play it, click on the download icon next to the name of the movie or number of episodes of the series.
  • You will choose the space you want to occupy between: optimal, best, good or economical and confirm with (start download).
  • If your phone has an SD card, it will ask you where you want to save the downloaded Amazon prime offline content. 

After this, you can check the quality of the download by disabling data or Wi-Fi, you will open the content and you can enjoy your favorite movie or series from anywhere offline. 

Don't forget that from your laptop you can see the downloads directly from the Amazon Prime Video application, by clicking on the lower menu and clicking on downloads next to the p

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