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Are you looking for Free Netflix accounts? We are pleased to offer you our systems to achieve this legally and safely.

Thanks to our work team, we have managed to put together a series of methods and tools that allow all our visitors to access premium Netflix accounts for free. All of these accounts have been acquired legally from the official Netflix website.

Below is an overview of each of the methods available to get a free Netflix account. Make sure you follow our instructions carefully so you don't have problems using our accounts.

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Free Netflix accounts Promotions

Although it may seem a little strange to you, there are still methods to enjoy Netflix premium for free. Maybe not with the same effectiveness as a few months ago; however, it works.

It is no secret that, as the days go by, new competition arises for Netflix; Due to this, it has begun to ally with companies, in order to continue maintaining its leadership in the market.

Below we will discuss each of these systems or promotions, so that you can better understand each of these and verify if you can access a Free Netflix account.

T Mobile

One of the most famous promotions currently to watch Netflix for free is the T-mobile method. One of the leading telecommunications companies in the United States, with more than 90 million customers.

To get free Netflix with T-Mobile, you must subscribe to one of the following plans: Magenta either Magenta Max.

Free Netflix subscription is available to new and existing customers.


Xfinity is an American telecommunications company; offers free Netflix on some of its broadband subscription plans.

To get free Netflix with Xfinity, you must subscribe to one of the following plans: Internet Starter, Plus, blast, Extreme, Pro.

You can get more information about this promotion on the official website of Xfinity.


In the case of mobile telephone and broadband operators, subscription to free Netflix It is usually available on higher subscription plans.

At Movistar, the free Netflix subscription is available in the plan Total Fusion Plus, which has a price of 139.90 euros per month.

Credit cards

Some credit cards offer rewards in the form of Netflix subscriptions.

For example, the American Express Platinum credit card offers a free annual subscription to Netflix.

The premium account applies to all headlines from an account that has the Platinum card.

Free Netflix for a month

For several years on this website Thousands of free Netflix accounts were shared thanks to the one-month free trial.

However, and with great regret, the free trial one month of Netflix now it does not work In most countries.

Currently, the only way to access a free Netflix trial is through third parties, such as the promotions that I explained above.

Shared Netflix accounts

Another fairly common method is shared accounts. This system is very simple, the account username and password are shared. All people who have this data will be able to access the accounts from anywhere in the world for free.

Normally, this method is very effective, however, it is very complicated to keep the accounts functional; Since many people change passwords and accounts stop being shared.

As if that were not enough, with the arrival of new policies, this method stops working faster and faster.

These policies completely restrict shared accounts, even blocking the IPs of people who try to access the accounts of other unauthorized users.

Netflix can be used via VPN

Digging a little into Netflix's rules, you are at no point prohibiting the use of VPN to watch Netflix.


Although we can bypass these blocks thanks to VPNs, Netflix will detect that we are using it and will only allow us to play content that is available globally.

Don't worry, all the original content on the platform and all the famous series or movies are available worldwide; Therefore, you will not have problems with that.

Do Account Lists for Netflix work?

To be very honest, the truth is that this system is almost obsolete. Due to the large number of people looking for a free Netflix account. Accounts shared on public lists stop working in minutes.

What is this about? Unfortunately, Netflix does NOT have an optimal system that prevents changing the password, since to change it you only have to enter the previous password and that's it.

On other platforms such as Disney Plus or Prime Video, lists of shared accounts usually work for longer, because in order to change the password, you must first verify a code that will be sent to the email or cell phone of the person who created the account.

Thus preventing accounts from being stolen or hacked.

Free Netflix Account Generators

Our account generators are usually an effective and fast option to access free Netflix accounts.

However, the same thing happens as in the account lists, since you have access to the account password. This can be changed, only causing the accounts to stop working.

Because almost all of the accounts we share in our account generators are ours, we can recover accounts and reset passwords.

How much does a Netflix account cost?

The price of Netflix accounts may vary depending on the plan you choose and the country you are in. Next, I will show you a general table about the Netflix prices monthly in some countries and what each plan includes. It is important to note that these prices may change from the time you read this.

Are shared Netflix accounts legal?

It can be assured that sharing Netflix accounts is not illegal; However, Netflix is already taking action against people who share our Netflix accounts.

Based on its terms and conditions, we can share our account only with people who live in our home or who are connected to the same IP when using the platform.

Sharing Netflix accounts with friends is totally legalEven with the platform's new rules, there is a default option that allows you to give access to a user who doesn't live with you.

However, when sharing Netflix accounts you may incur additional costs on your account or even have your account blocked for a time while you verify via email or MSN that you shared your account.

How do free Netflix accounts work?

At a general level, free Netflix accounts are legally purchased accounts, but they are intended to be shared with many people. Although it may seem a bit crazy, this practice has been done for many years not only with Netflix, but also with many platforms that include premium subscriptions.

The goal when making free or shared access accounts, as they are often called, is to generate enough money to buy a new account each month. In most cases you can generate more money than its value, thanks to link shorteners and the large number of people who use these methods to watch Netflix completely free.

How to log into a Netflix account without a password?

Enter a Netflix account without password; If possible, although for some people it may be a bit complicated; Thanks to a browser extension we can share accounts without the password, not only from Netflix, but from many other platforms.

How to use Share Account?

Share Account is a web extension that you can install from the official store by doing click here. To start sharing an account, both people must have the extension installed. Once this is done, they will only have to follow the following steps:

  • The person to whom the account is going to be shared must click on the button 'Receive account'. You will need to copy the code and send it to the person who will share the account; that is, the owner of it.
  • The account owner will have to log in to Netflix. Inside the website what you will have to do is click on the button 'Share Account'. In the first box you will have to paste the code of the person with whom you are going to share the account and in the second box you will have to enter the hours for which you want to share it.
  • With everything ready, all that remains is to press the button 'Compartir' and ready. A link will appear, which you must copy and send to your friend so they can log in to the account.

It is very important to keep in mind that this link will only work for the person who sent you the 'Receive account' code; However, you can share your account as many times as you want by repeating the previous steps.

In the following video you will be able to see in more detail how to do share free Netflix accounts without giving a password.

How to avoid IP blocking on Netflix?

Since if you want to share your Netflix account, you will have to pay extra money. There are ways to bypass this measure; Thanks to VPNs we can make Netflix believe that we are connected from the same IP.

However, although it sounds easy, create a homemade VPN It can be a little difficult for many people because you will have to access your internet router and configure some ports for it to work.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that the VPN you create Only share it with trusted 100% people, since through this they will be able to have additional access to your internet.

Since creating a homemade VPN is a bit complex, our working group is creating an incredible tutorial so you can do it without any problem; In the next few days we will be sharing it here with you.

How to create a Netflix account without a card?

Considering that not all people have access to a debit or credit card. Netflix offers some alternatives for create accounts without needing cards.

To start we recommend the Netflix codes or gift cards. These will allow you to top up your Netflix account so you can buy the plan you want; The best thing is that you can buy these cards at any chain supermarket or at the nearest shopping center.

You can also use PayPal and if for some reason it does not appear in your country, an allied store will appear, as in the case of Colombia, efecty or in Mexico, oxxo. By choosing this option, you will be given an agreement and a pin; You will physically approach these stores and you will be able to pay for the plan you want without the need for cards; all in cash.

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