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We are the number one page dedicated to free account sharing for the use and enjoyment of our visitors.

Daily, we update, design and develop new methods so that many people have access to premium services without paying a single cent.

What are Free Shared Accounts?

These types of accounts are premium online service accounts, which are shared among several people at no cost.

Generally, people are looking for more free accounts from streaming platforms or games that require a subscription or premium account to use them.

How to have free accounts?

There are many systems to get free premium accounts. However, whether it works correctly will depend on the platform you want to access without paying or the method you choose to achieve it.

Below are the most famous systems on our website. We will show you how each one works and you will discover how to use them in an easy and simple way.

Account Generator

Without a doubt, the Generators They are our most famous tool. This thanks to its Effectiveness and Simplicity.

The only thing you will have to do to generate an account is click a button and wait a few seconds.

Shared Accounts

These types of accounts have been used for many years throughout the internet.

What is shared are the account credentials (User and password). This makes them very versatile, as they can be used on all devices.

Self Pay Accounts

Shared accounts can be a bit hated, since to access these, you will first have to go through a link shortener.

However, this is what makes them more stable and functional for more days.

Free Account List

Account lists are usually the easiest to find.

However, we do not have any control over the accounts. So they stop working faster than normal.

Free trial

Free trials are offered by some platforms, in order to test their services for a limited time.

We take advantage of these promotions to create and share free accounts.

Account Draw

On some occasions, we activate giveaways on our website.

To participate, all you have to do is register for the draws and complete some tasks, in order to increase your chances of winning.

Why are FREE accounts shared?

The objective of sharing free accounts on our website is to ensure that all the people who visit us have the possibility of entering their favorite page without having to purchase a premium subscription.

It is no secret that not everyone has enough money to pay for subscriptions on the platforms. Thanks to advertising we can share accounts at no cost.

Featured Platforms

These platforms are the common ones where our users generate accounts for free.

Frequent questions

Are free accounts legal?

All the accounts we share, we purchase Legally.

In the event that the accounts do not belong to us, we carefully verify the origin of the accounts.

Where do the accounts come from?

We found a large part of the accounts on pages dedicated to the sale of wholesale subscriptions.

Sometimes accounts are purchased in other countries to take advantage of the currency exchange.

Is it safe to use free premium accounts?

Without a doubt, all the methods that we publish on our website are totally safe.

You will never have to download any kind of application or additional file for the correct functioning of the accounts.

How long do the accounts last?

It is quite difficult to have a specific time for the duration of the accounts; because there are many people trying to access free accounts.

Generally, in the case of streaming platforms, they usually last 1 to 2 days.

Can I get a personal account?

Technically no. The objective of this page is that we all have the same probability of getting free accounts.

However, if you want you can participate in our raffles and get a unique 100% account for yourself.

How long do the accounts last?

Currently, there is no limit. We depend on the correct use of the accounts shared on this website.

This is why we ask you to follow the usage recommendations, which you will find in each method to obtain free accounts.

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